The Heartbeat Coalition

    Heartbeat Mission    

The Heartbeat Coalition is an industry networking group for blockchain healthcare companies to share knowledge and collaborate on pilots and projects.

Our goal is to more intimately connect patients to their own medical records, enabling them to take new ownership of their own health data and ultimately their own health.

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Heartbeat with a Purpose

blockchain: POWER IN NUMBERS

Building a Medical Supply-Chain: We're building a group of companies that can complete a circle, a medical supply-chain that can encompass many aspects of healthcare and pharmacy services, clinical trial and treatment/prescription/pharmacy data services, to pharmacies across the globe, to drug labs, suppliers, and distributors, even trucking and shipping companies to help fight drug counterfeiting. This may take several pilot projects, with specialists at many service and logistical endpoints, all working together. The Heartbeat Coalition dreams big and we take a step-by-step approach to accomplishing great things together.

With several companies working together, we are able offer specialized services at several endpoints in the healthcare system with professionals who have deep industry experience in each niche. Heartbeat Coalition represents an integrated technology solution across healthcare endpoints built, honed, and tested by healthcare professionals in collaboration with blockchain software companies. Heartbeat Coalition members work together on new proposals and pilots, and lobby together for modernization and blockchain tracking of the international pharmaceutical clinical trial, chemical and equipment supply-chain, and distribution system.

Role of Heartbeat Member Companies

Company roles are to work together on project proposals for new pilots and grant opportunities, and to be good stewards to the new members as they join the coalition. Once a pilot or grant is secured, all members of the coalition will have an opportunity to participate, according to their own specialty in abilities, and the amount of technology or man-hours they wish to contribute. Our member companies represent a diverse and unique group of companies with specialized skillsets, cooperating towards the goal of a better product, better service, and better patient outcomes.

Why Join?

Heartbeat Membership Makes A Healthcare Company Stronger

Heartbeat Coalition is meant as a vehicle to help smaller healthcare companies achieve large objectives, and as a professional networking group. Heartbeat Coalition presents a professional front for interacting with large pharmaceutical suppliers and distributors towards the end of blockchain tracking of drug shipments for counterfeit prevention. Through seamless integrations at the pharmacy layer, blockchain end-user points might include doctors signing scripts, and patients scanning drug QRs. As we win pilots and projects any area, we increase our clout and ability to expand operations to new areas for all members.